How to wear wide leg Pants & Jeans

Hi I am Debbie one of the owners of Country Lane Fashions in Rangiora along with my friend Karla.  We love fashion and just wanted to introduce ourselves as we would like to give you some tips on the latest fashion styles around.

No doubt a lot of you would have noticed that wide leg pants and jeans have made a come back.  This style can look good on lots of body types. They are often fitted around the waist and then flare out at the hips, remaining straight and wide all the way down the leg.  They come in many styles some with high waists some 7/8 lengths depending on how you like them.

How to Choose Wide-Leg Pants

It might seem like wide-leg pants would be unflattering on certain body types, but that's not true. to choose the most flattering wide leg trousers or pants, focus on a tailored fit around the waist and rear. The pants should fit snugly in this area without being too tight.

What to wear with wide leg pants

Generally speaking, aim for balanced proportions when styling wide-leg pants.


Offset the loose silhouette of your wide-leg pants with a more fitted top like a button-up shirt, tank top, fitted tee or tailored blouse.

You can also go for a boxy cropped tee or sweater, as the shorter length will hit at the right spot of the pant and give it the correct silhouette. Tucking the top into your pants is also an option,

A denim jacket can be an easy throw-on, or try a cropped cardigan. For an edgier or dressier look, try a leather jacket or blazer. It's amazing how a jacket can completely transform the look of any outfit.


The type of shoes you pair with your wide-leg pants depends on the pants' style and the overall look you want to achieve.

Any trainers or chunky loafers will do for a casual look

If you are petite and feel like wide-leg pants overwhelm your frame, try pointy-toe pumps or boots instead, this will create a continuous line that makes you appear taller.

Quick Tips When styling wide-leg pants, keep the following in mind:

  • Wear a belt, since your top is either cropped or tucked in, your pant waist will show—and your belt is the finishing touch.
  • If you are petite try wearing similar colours on top and bottom to give you an elongated look.

Wide-leg pants are going to be here for a while, so embrace the change and try something new.  Adding a new style to your repertoire can be fun and will make you feel current and elevated. Once you take the plunge, you'll be surprised by how effortlessly chic they are and how you can wear them through every season.