The cold weather is here and along with it a new season of BOOTS.  One thing I truly love about Winter is the Boots.  High, Ankle, Combat, Lace Up and now Chunky.

The look of the moment is the oversized sweaters, coats, wide leg jeans and chunky boots.  Its about comfort and versatility, the casual look of jeans rolled up, chunky boots, big soft oversized sweaters and your favourite overcoat that wraps over it all like a great big blanket.

Don' be scared of the look and think omg that will make my feet look huge!  Honestly most people can wear them, its about getting the proportions right with your size especially if you are petite.  If you are petite wear more fitted jeans and sweater with your chunky boots and overcoat and oversized handbags are the go too as well.

And the added bonus with the chunky boots is they are SUPER comfortable and warm, have fun with them, so many styles available, pull ons, lace ups, combat.

They are perfect for Canterbury in the winter with Saturday sports, weekend trips and just lunch with the girls.  Get them on your feet. XXX