How To Start a Capsule Wardrobe - Part 1

If you’re just starting out and jumping head first in to the capsule wardrobe lifestyle, you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of clothes you need to purchase to build a full wardrobe.
My first tip is to go through your current wardrobe, and see what items you love and wear all the time. Know what pieces you feel good in and donate pieces you never wear.
Once you gone through your clothes, start by making a list of items you need. I would recommend starting with basic items, like high quality tees and denim.
Every capsule wardrobe should have the perfect fitting white tee. My white tee is probably the most worn piece in my wardrobe year-round. You definitely need one. For those colder months, you’re going to need a slim fitting long-sleeved crew tee that can be layered with other items in your closet like denim jackets and blazers.
It’s also smart to invest in other tops as well such as neutral cotton or cashmere sweaters.


It’s so important to have high quality, well-fitting denim for a capsule wardrobe. I spent a lot of wasted money buying cheap jeans that only lasted one season. To start, I recommend purchasing a pair of medium to dark wash denim and a pair of black denim. The fit of your jeans is up to you – skinny, straight, or mom jeans. Right now, I’m really leaning toward the straight leg and mom jean styles, but skinny jeans are also a classic choice.
Karla Lattimore